If you notice that your dog loves to be by your side at all times and get on top of you, you may have wondered why does my dog ​​always want to be on top of me? Is he good or bad? In this article we will see, on the one hand, what are the reasons that explain this behavior and what we can do to avoid it, as long as we consider it necessary.

Reasons why my dog ​​always wants to be on top of me
Like all behavior in dogs, there are several reasons that motivate this way of behaving. Here are some of them.

He feels comfortable being on top of you
One of the reasons your dog always wants to be on top of you is because it is simply more comfortable for him Best dog training Houston. Although dogs have a bed where they can sleep peacefully, sometimes it is more difficult for them to be on us since the body temperature and human touch are very comfortable for them.

Seek attention
Another reason that makes your dog want to be on top of you is because of the attention he receives. If at any time your dog got on top of you and you attended to him with cuddles, petting, massages or any type of positive attention, your dog will want to return to your side to receive the same attention. Obviously dogs, like any human, love to receive positive attention from us.

He doesn’t want to be alone
Dogs are social animals by nature. They enjoy and feel comfortable when they are with other people or dogs. As long as your dog does it from time to time it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you notice that there is a clear dependence on you and your dog does not separate at any time, you should pay attention to this behavior . Dogs must have a certain independence and learn to be alone , especially when we leave home. Otherwise problems could arise.

Protection instinct
Dogs, like a mother with her puppies, can develop a protective instinct. When your dog gets on top of you, he may want to protect one of the most precious assets he has: you. This is something endearing and of which we can feel proud. But if you see that your dog is overly protective of you, he only does so when people or other dogs approach, and he also growls or shows his teeth, then it is something to worry about.

Feeling of security
Finally, another reason that can lead your dog to always be on top of you is because they get a feeling of security . Most dog breeds were bred to work alongside their owners and feel safer when in a group. Sleeping or lying on top of you could help him feel more secure, as it will make him feel like he is in a group and less vulnerable.

What to do if my dog ​​always wants to be on top of me
Although at first it is not considered a behavioral problem, in specific cases we must correct it. These are some examples.

  • Excess dependency : if you notice that your dog has a dependency on this behavior (he doesn’t want to separate, he follows you everywhere…etc.)
  • Refuses to be separated : if you see that when separated, your dog reacts in a very negative way (gets upset, growls… etc.)
  • There is overprotection : when you notice that your dog tries to protect you excessively (growls or gets restless when other people or dogs approach)

Correcting this problem is not difficult, as long as you are willing to correct it and are persistent. The first step in preventing your dog is to simply not allow him to do it and at the same time give him an alternative . The best alternative is none other than his bed, a place that we must prepare so that it is to our dog’s liking (this is very important).

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