Trump's aides insist he 'deplores' domestic violence, but when he speaks for himself he's deplorable

Donald Trump’s aides are trying to convince the press and the public that Trump cares, really cares about domestic violence and has great sympathy for the two ex-wives his now-former staff secretary, Rob Porter, abused. It would probably help if this wasn’t Trump’s public stance:

Mr. Trump has expressed sympathy for Mr. Porter and none for the two ex-wives who have accused him of physically abusing them. Despite photographs showing one of the women with a black eye, Mr. Trump on Friday emphasized that Mr. Porter had protested his innocence, and on Saturday he complained that a “mere allegation” could ruin someone without due process.

That speaks a little louder and more convincingly than this:

Hogan Gidley, a White House deputy press secretary, said Monday on Fox & Friends that “the president has been out against domestic violence for a long time” and that “the president deplores, thinks that domestic violence is grotesque. He’s said that on multiple occasions and there’s no place for it in this country. There’s no place for it in this White House and the president won’t stand for it.”

Or than Kellyanne Conway saying “I have no reason not to believe the women,” which is rather different than “I believe the women.” But Jennie Willoughby, Porter’s second wife, doesn’t need Conway or Trump—she’s speaking out on her own, writing in Time magazine that “my strength and worth are not dependent on outside belief—the truth exists whether the President accepts it or not.” But she sees clearly what’s going on:

The words “mere allegation” and “falsely accused” meant to imply that I am a liar. That Colbie Holderness is a liar. That the work Rob was doing in the White House was of higher value than our mental, emotional or physical wellbeing. That his professional contributions are worth more than the truth. That abuse is something to be questioned and doubted.

Donald Trump calling victims of abuse liars is nothing new—he’s done it repeatedly to his own groping and harassment victims. No wonder he has so much sympathy for Rob Porter. They’re two peas in a misogynist pod.