Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Shocked to Find Out Cruel Intentions Has Been Listed as a Family Movie

Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s iconic Cruel Intentions is not the sexually-charged coming of age tale she thought she starred in – it’s actually a film that is fun for the whole family.

The star found out the new classification of her 1999 film when a fan reached out to her on social media, revealing that Apple TV has put the cult hit in the family and kids section.

The actress, 40, reposted the fan’s Instagram photo that showed the film alongside Despicable Me 3 and My Little Pony: The Movie.

“See! It’s fun for the whole family!! F– Care Bears! Thank you Apple TV!!” the fan said in their post. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress added her own caption, writing, “It appears @appletv and I have different ideas on kids viewing. I guess you could say it’s educational…right?!?”

In December, Gellar lent her voice to the musical adaptation of the film which was showing Off-Broadway. While the actress did not have an acting role, she did tell audience members to turn off their cell phones in a pre-show announcement.

“It’s not that difficult, morons,” she told fans when asking them to quiet their cells. “Take out that second-rate phone and hit the silent button.”

She didn’t stop there. “For all of your tourists out there who think it’ll be swell to take a photo or video of the show and bring it home to bum f— nowhere? Well, guess what — that’s not permitted either,” Gellar said. “Please obey or I will cyber-shame you into oblivion.”

Gellar ended the speech by reciting one of Kathryn’s most memorable from the film. “Happy hunting,” she said, adding “and enjoy the show!”

As fans of the film remember, Geller’s Kathyrn made up one-half of a dynamic duo of step-siblings  in Cruel Intentions looking to rule their Upper East Side prep school. By her side was Ryan Phillippe’s Sebastian Valmont, who — responding to a bet from Kathryn — sets out to deflower the new headmaster’s virginal daughter Annette (Reese Witherspoon) before the start of term.

The dark comedy also included stars like Selma BlairSean Patrick ThomasJoshua JacksonTara Reid and Christine Baranski.