Law School Grants for Single Mothers

A law degree is probably the most amazing form of qualification both in professional and personal level, but at the same time is one of the most expensive forms of education Law Tuition.

For single mothers,Law School Grants for Single Mothers Articles a degree in Law School is something no one ever thinks possible. If you have to take care of your home, children, go to work then spending a lot of money on a law schools is quite impossible. For this reason some law schools offer financial aids and grants to single mothers that want to study there.

These grants are quite available if you know where to look. First, you need to ask for information from the universities where you’d like to study. Most likely they’ll have a special program for people like you, who come from low-income households, and they will help you with guidance and information regarding which program is the best for you. The law grants provided for single mothers who want to go to law schools are:

  1. Equal Justice Works fellowship – Only fifty students will be granted with this award and only if they meet the criteria – to work in an undeserved community.
  2. Law Schools Admission Council Research Grants – Any law student that works on a legal research program is eligible for this scholarship.
  3. Elaine Osborne Jacobsen award for Women Working in Health Care Law – a prize money of $3.000 is given to a female law undergrad or a graduate female student allocated as a health care advocate.

The American Bar Association probably has the highest number of scholarships and grants for single mothers. Other institutions that honor these single mother students and grant them awards or gifts are: The Columbia School of Law, The Nation’s Top Law School, University of Michigan, The Washington College of Law, Cornell University and many others. They believe that by providing financial assistance to these mothers their prestige will rise.

Everyone understands that loans and grants for single mothers are a must. For this reason, the federal government offers as well grants for single mothers. Any single mom can apply free to this program at the online center FAFSA. You need to include the last year’s tax payment records along with your application form.

If you have a law degree then most likely you are a respected member of our society. For this very reason the law schools implemented financial aids and grants for single mothers, so that these magnificent women, who raise their children alone, will become a respectable part of the society.

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