5 things to keep in mind when choosing a funeral home

Organizing the funeral of a loved one has an emotional and spiritual connotation, in addition to the legal procedures to say goodbye to that special person.

Although it is known that death is an inevitable step, it is still a difficult period where having the support of a funeral home can be of great help.

5 variables you should consider when hiring a funeral service
On this occasion, you will see five essential aspects that you should take into account when looking for funeral homes in Chile. This way, you can choose a professional service that provides you with the support you need at this stage funeral flowers.

  1. Funeral services
    The first step is to find a funeral home that has the capacity as well as the experience to respect the wishes of the deceased person.

For example, if your loved one’s wish was to be cremated, or if they preferred that their ashes be planted so that a tree could germinate in that place (known as a green burial), these are preferences that a professional service will be able to fulfill.

Another important aspect is flexibility in services such as body transfer. If you want your loved one to be transported to a cemetery in another city, or if you require their body to be brought from abroad, the funeral home must have the necessary resources for the transfer.

  1. Quality/price ratio
    The offer of funeral homes in Chile can range between $590,000 and $5,950,000, depending on the type of service. Naturally, you’ll want to choose a package based on your budget, but you should also consider the quality/price ratio.

For example, some funeral homes, such as Inmemoria, offer packages that include everything from embalming to transporting the body to the cemetery and requesting the mortuary fee or death allowance , while others may charge an additional fee.

To choose the best alternative, think about the add-ons that are most valuable to you and prioritize plans that include these services. Additionally, if you choose funeral homes that offer payment facilities, you will have more flexibility to adjust your budget to the options that really suit you.

  1. Comprehensive support
    Death is a transition period full of nuances. To make it more bearable, you will want to have a supportive team that is attentive to your needs and advises you on everything you need, from how to choose the floral arrangement to the procedures you must complete in the civil registry.

The ideal is to choose a comprehensive service that helps you resolve all types of doubts and not just those related to funeral services.

  1. Human quality
    Human quality is an invaluable characteristic in funeral homes. You want to deal with people who show compassion and understanding during this difficult time. You want someone who will listen to you carefully, and take the time to answer your questions with honesty and empathy.

The best way to judge this attribute is to contact funeral homes before hiring any services, and interact with the people who work there. It is also good to ask about complementary services such as psychological support.

  1. Experience
    You will no doubt want to know how much experience a funeral home has in performing traditional funerals, cremations, and other memorial service options. This will give you confidence that the ceremony will turn out as you have in mind.

On the other hand, take into account that health laws in Chile require proceeding with funeral services within 48 hours after death , hence the importance of having the support of professionals.

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