10 Tips to succeed in e-commerce

Although internet sales are not something new, e-commerce is something that continues to grow exponentially and currently for many it is the only and best way to earn money. That is why learning from e-commerce is a huge opportunity shopify spy tools. Not only for those who already have an online store and have already started an ecommerce business, but for those entrepreneurs who are starting in the world of online sales.

That’s why in this post you will see some tips to succeed in e-commerce, although a good start is to start with Ombushop, where you can create your online store from scratch and easily upload the information and images of your products, In addition to customizing your business completely taking advantage of its free responsive design templates. Here are ten recommendations:

1. Reason to go to your online store

Regardless of the product you sell, you should take into account that on the net people looking for a product will have many options to buy. So why go to your online store? Give them a reason to visit your virtual store. You can make exclusive events, get a limited edition item or promotions available only in your store.

2. Establish a business model

To establish the profitable business model it is necessary to know how your business will work. Identify what resources you need, risks and investment areas. How are you going to sell and how are you going to compete.

A business model can be B2B (Business to Business), it is mainly where a business sells to another business. Here the volume and price factor greatly influence.

Another model is the B2C (Business to Consumer) which is when a business sells to the final consumer of the product. This is a more common business model. You can learn more about business models in the Shopify blog.

3. Implement an SEO strategy

It is important that your online store has a presence in the first 10 places of Google search results. For that reason it is important that you raise and subsequently implement an SEO strategy. Take into account that a large part of your potential customers will arrive by organic means. Do a keyword research and optimize your online store to appear in search engines.

4. Good user experience

Having a virtual store does not mean that you cannot make the customer have a satisfactory experience when entering your store. This experience ranges from when you find yourself online until you make a purchase.

A good user experience will turn your potential customers into frequent customers. Create striking and quality content for people to read and share what is on your site, take care of your web design and do it in a very attractive way to the user’s eye.

5. Customer service

The customer must feel received when they arrive at your online store. Let him know that he will be able to find all the information he is looking for and that if he needs technical attention, he knows that he will have it immediately. Make a page of frequently asked questions so people can find all the information. Have a special email in which you can send doubts or questions and quickly answer what they are asking. You can also create an exclusive online chat to answer any questions the client has.

6. Focus on how to sell your product

You should be aware that you have competition and that many other sites are selling the same as you. Focus on selling your product differently, send gifts or surprise within the purchase package. Create a positive and impactful experience.

7. Create a blog

It is true that the most important thing for you is sales, but you should not forget that useful, fresh content is very important for your site. When creating a blog you can talk about interesting topics for your audience and that these same people become a hook to attract other people. Another advantage is that, seeing it from an SEO point of view, you will have more content to be able to optimize it with several keywords and with this you will be able to increase your visibility in the search results.

8. Motivate customers to buy

There is a psychological way to motivate customers to buy you and these are: make them feel that they are limited by time or inventory. This way you create an urgency in people to make a purchase. If it is the month where mothers’ day is celebrated, there is a deadline for people to buy their gifts, so this creates a sense of urgency where inventory and time limit is an immediate purchase factor.

9. Implement a responsive design

Smartphones and tablets are now one of the main means by which people will arrive at your online store and not only that, but through these mobile devices they will make their purchases. The responsive design is one that is adaptable for mobile devices and that will allow you to visualize your entire site in a friendly and clear way. So in order to succeed in e-commerce it is essential in your virtual store.

10. Email Marketing

One conversion channel you need to use in your e-commerce store is email. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email has about 4,300% ROI. Through this you can send discount coupons, news, special offers, etc. Email remains a contact and conversion channel with customers. If you do not occupy it in your online store you are missing out on a great opportunity to increase your sales.