Kids Behaving Well – The Feng Shui Way

It’s that time of the year again…School has started, the anticipation of being alone once again begins to weigh positively on your mind. It’s been a long hot summer, full of camp, entertainment, pleasant distractions and all kinds of activities, including lemonade stands. The noise of little people chattering is less noticeable and the one thing that remains is a silent reminder of what it’s like to love your solidarity. What if I told you that it could be the beginning of the school year everyday all day? Or that you could live in a home with peace, tranquility, siblings working together in harmony, children obeying their parents and most of all a family unit that works well together? Well you can and there is…It’s called Feng Shui.

Classical Feng shui or Traditional feng shui 2019 lucky colorwas developed about 4,000 years ago. It is composed of several theories and addresses various aspects of wealth, health and relationships by taking into consideration the timing of occupancy, building orientation, and birthdates of occupants. This is an extremely dynamic science and is based on the compatibility between the building and the occupants.

This discipline is rooted in the understanding of chi – translated in English as “life-force energy.” Chi is the building block from which everything is made. The flow of energy to your home or building dictates the quality of a site. The Chinese figured out that through the environment, man-made or natural, that life could either be supported or destroyed. The main purveyors of energy are mountains, roads, buildings, homes, oceans, streams, rivers, lakes, electrical towers, canals, etc. Because, we too, are energy how these landforms are situated in our environment affect us either positively or negatively. It’s impossible to pick up a mountain and move it or move a body of water this is why it’s so important that we choose a home that has landforms that support us. The interior of a home can always be feng shui-ed to improve the lives of occupants but one must also take into consideration the exterior of the home, or the landforms because these aren’t as easy to remedy.

Classical Feng Shui can safeguard and improve the well being of a building’s occupants in multiple areas of wealth, health and relationships. It can make sleep more restful, offices more focused and productive, scholastic or financial achievements effortless and more bountiful, relationships between spouses and within families and among coworkers more harmonious. The results, although sometimes miraculous, are not miracles. Rather they are natural manifestations of a balanced and supportive environment. Using the principles of Traditional Feng Shui, the existing life-force energy of the environment can be positively tapped and harnessed to create a life that supports you in all areas of wealth, health and relationships.

By allowing a child to be who they are and giving them a space that supports them in their endeavors, the benevolent energy that is tapped transforms the way they do things in a more productive and efficient manner. Children are sensitive by nature. They understand way before they have spoken. They feel before they can express verbally. If something doesn’t “feel right” they’re the first to run to you and sleep with you until they “feel better.” Energy is a natural occurrence in every environment. We are all energy and depending on how the energy is utilized, it could prove to be productive or on the converse destructive. By changing a few key items in their environment and in the home, a new way of living is created. The effects that take place begin on the subconscious level and then move to mainstream awareness. A great Feng Shui master once told me that Feng Shui, when implemented correctly, can improve someone’s life by two thirds. After all, Feng Shui is about improving the human experience. On that note, let’s cheers!

Jennifer’s background includes employment with several Fortune 500 corporations, having earned an MBA from Chapman University in Orange, CA, ranked as one of America’s best top-tier regional universities by U.S. News and World Report. Her business acumen and experience has helped executives and individuals ascertain their goals easily, effortlessly and efficiently.

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