Let’s be honest: we all feel uncertain and even scared before going to our first yoga class. We do not know what to expect, we do not know what is going to happen and this can be extremely stressful www.wofs.com four pillars.

In this article we share 5 tips you should know before your first yoga class so that you feel more secure and take advantage of this


1. Relax and go with your mind open to your first yoga class.

Mentalize yourself to hear many strange words and terms for yourself, and you will make even stranger postures that may make you feel surprised and strange. In the end what will really matter is how you feel at the end of your class.

Practicing Yoga is a very pleasant experience, and the feeling you have at the end of the first session may vary from person to person. However, we all agreed that at the end of our first class, perhaps we did not fully understand what happened, but we felt very well.

2. Pay attention to your yoga teacher / instructor.

Trust the person who teaches the class. Yoga teachers have extensive experience and depending on their level of preparation, they will know how to give you options so that you can do some of the simple versions of each position in the event that your current physical condition does not allow you to execute them as is.

However, not all the support and knowledge of your teacher will be useful if you do not put on your part paying enough attention and making the necessary effort.

You may hear words such as torsion, extension, hamstring, femur, etc. when your teacher gives you the explanations and you may not understand at first what they mean, but he will support you by giving you the example besides explaining it verbally so do not worry. Just pay attention and enjoy.

3. Breathe properly when performing yoga positions.

Breathing is the most important part of Yoga practice, regardless of whether you manage to execute the positions perfectly; if you breathe properly you will receive the great benefits of this practice.

All our life, from the beginning, we have breathed, so for that reason we may believe that we are experts in the subject, but the truth is that it is not like that. Yoga will teach you to breathe properly, to use it efficiently, and to know how in situations where we do not feel in the best possible position, to continue breathing.

Types of Breathing in Yoga

There are different types of breathing, depending on the yoga school, such as:

• Complete Yogic breathing (hatha yoga)

• Breathing Sound (vinyasa practice)

In SADHAK schools we use both breaths, mainly sound, which is done by closing the throat a little, always breathing through the nose. Think, what do you do when you want to blur a mirror? you close your throat a little and exhale through your mouth towards the mirror making a noise that sounds like “agggghhhh” right? Well, you’ll do the whole class yourself, but with your mouth closed, breathing only through your nose. This type of breathing has multiple benefits that your teacher can explain.

4. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes to facilitate the execution of the postures

The practice of Yoga requires you to do push-ups, extensions and movements of your entire body, so it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes, such as shorts, pants or leggings. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable with what you will do. Do not wear clothing that is too loose, but do not wear tight clothing, wear elastic and adaptable clothing.

Bring a towel for your hands, as you will surely sweat copiously as you lean on them for many of the positions. Do not worry if you see that you sweat excessively despite not doing an exercise like running, dancing, etc, it’s okay, sweating is good, it serves to detoxify you.

5. Do not drink water during practice

In most yoga schools we want your body to warm naturally, so drinking water during your practice will make you cool, fill your stomach, and stop the flow of practice. If you want to drink water you can do it before or after your practice.

But above all, more important than all of the above, is to enjoy. Have the willingness and intention to enjoy the process, enjoy realizing your current physical limits and motivate yourself to overcome them and thereby overcome yourself spiritually. Have the ability to laugh at yourself and enjoy the process of living this experience as well as possible.

We wait for you in any of our branches so that you come and try your first yoga class.

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